COVID-19 – Resources for our Community

Dear Friends,

I’m back home in district now that the legislative session has concluded. I’ll be sure to send an update on our work in Olympia later, but I’d like to focus this newsletter on resources and assurances on what’s happening with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response in our state. This new virus is posing a serious threat to the daily routines, physical and economic health of communities around our state. Please be patient and do your part to prevent the spread to vulnerable members of our community.

In the final days of session, the Legislature approved House Bill 2965, which provides $175 million in emergency funding from the rainy-day fund (like our savings account) for the COVID-19 response at the state level. Any unused funds will go back to that account. Those funds will be used to support our fellow Washingtonians affected by the virus, including expanded unemployment benefits for workers and nursing home payments.

While government is stepping in to provide the resources from what it’s taken, it’s up to us to be good neighbors and take care of one another. We have an obligation to come together during this time. In so doing, we’ll weather the storm and be stronger on the other side. One of the recent executive orders from the governor has prohibited dining in, but restaurants are still able to provide take-out orders. In an industry with low-margins, closures for a couple weeks could be devastating, so there’s an opportunity to support our neighbors. It’s also a good chance to check in on those that might need help with getting groceries, planning for childcare, or are dealing with anxiety from the turmoil we face. We’re stronger together, and we’ll beat this together

Below are links to resources that you may find useful.

You can find additional resources and updates by visiting the governor’s COVID-19 website. Click here for details.

Please, take care and don’t hesitate to reach out to my office with any questions you may have. Our Senate offices will be closed for a while as the facilities department does a deep clean, so it may take us some time to get back to you. Email will be the best way to get in contact. It is an honor to serve you.


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Ron Muzzall,

Your 10th District State Senator