Can We Reopen Washington?

Greetings Friends,

The 2021 legislative session began last week and it’s already moving at break-neck speed with significant policy proposals being heard in committee and voted on the Senate floor. I’m writing today with a bit of urgent news on how you can stay connected with the process and lend your voice. As you may know from my last e-newsletter, this session is being conducted almost entirely remotely. I have some reservations about the impact that will have on the process, but I want to be sure you have every opportunity to be heard.

To that end, there is a hearing scheduled this coming Wednesday, Jan. 20 on an important piece of legislation, Senate Bill 5114. This bipartisan measure, of which I am a co-sponsor, would safely reopen our state, moving all of Washington into Phase 2 of the most recent shutdown plan. It would allow partial reopening of indoor dining with appropriate safety protocols, all gyms and entertainment venues to open, and relax some restrictions on social gatherings.

I want to be sure to get your input on this important step. The hearing begins at 8 a.m. and you can register to testify remotely or just indicate whether you’re for or against the proposal. To sign up to testify, click here. You can register up to an hour before the hearing.

My office is here to help where we can. Email continues to be the best way to contact me. It is an honor to serve you.



Ron Muzzall

Your 10th District State Senator