May 03, 2024

Election-year restrictions

Due to election-year restrictions in Washington state law, this website will remain accessible but no new content, and no changes to existing content, will be posted to it until after the results of the November election are certified.
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May 01, 2024

Will the last one on the farm please close the gate?

Washington’s agricultural industry is facing significant challenges. While food prices are at record highs, that isn’t translating into better outcomes for farms of all sizes in our state. Listen to my recent interview about why Washington is losing so many farms – 14 a week over the last five years....
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March 19, 2024

Governor signs Muzzall legislation with over $5 million for maternal health

In a ceremony today, Governor Inslee signed a slate of bills to become law including legislative sponsored by state Sen. Ron Muzzall. Senate Bill 5580 focuses on improving maternal support and directs the state Health Care Authority to support extended post-delivery hospital care for women struggling with substance-use disorders. “The...
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March 06, 2024

Muzzall helps secure over $10 million in the capital budget for 10th District

State Sen. Ron Muzzall is praising the bipartisan work on the state’s community investment budget as he worked to secure just over $10.4 million in appropriations for affordable housing, conservation, and behavioral health efforts around the 10th District. The proposal, Senate Bill 5949, was approved unanimously and invests over $1.3...
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March 05, 2024

Initiatives to the Legislature

No updates to this page will occur after March 7 until after the election in November. Fed up with destructive and burdensome policies, citizens collected more than 2.3 million signatures to put 6 initiatives before the Legislature. All six received more than 400,000 signatures each and were certified by the...
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February 23, 2024

Make your voice heard – Public hearings on 3 initiatives

Greetings From Olympia,  We’re in the home stretch of the 2024 legislative session. The Senate is moving from committees to floor votes on bills that have come over from the House. Now that both chambers have put out initial proposals, we’re also hammering out details on the state’s three supplemental...
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February 12, 2024

Muzzall bill gives economic boost for habitat preservation

State Sen. Ron Muzzall believes that caring for Washington’s environment is a collaborative effort, needing private landowners to fill in gaps. The state’s Forestry Riparian Easement Program was designed to compensate landowners with small forests for the value of trees unharvested to protect critical habitat. The Senate today passed Muzzall’s...
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February 09, 2024

Muzzall says failure of $6 billion property tax legislation a win for affordability

OLYMPIA… The prime sponsor of what would have been the largest tax increase in state history has said the proposal, Senate Bill 5770, won’t be getting a vote this year. Senate Republicans have been sounding the alarm on the legislation that would allow local governments to triple the growth of...
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February 07, 2024

$6 Billion Property Tax Hike

One of the most contentious bills before the Legislature this year is Senate Bill 5770, which will triple the allowable annual growth rate of your local property taxes. This means local governments would be able to increase your property taxes by up to 3% WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL. This will cost...
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