Muzzall says failure of $6 billion property tax legislation a win for affordability

OLYMPIA… The prime sponsor of what would have been the largest tax increase in state history has said the proposal, Senate Bill 5770, won’t be getting a vote this year. Senate Republicans have been sounding the alarm on the legislation that would allow local governments to triple the growth of property taxes without a vote of the people. State Sen. Ron Muzzall, R-Oak Harbor issued the following statement.

“I asked my constituents for their input and if they can afford this kind of tax increase and like we saw during the public hearings, the overwhelming majority of people say that it’s just too much. We are seeing unsustainable levels of government greed, pushing up prices on housing, groceries, and energy. This proposal would only make matters worse for struggling Washingtonians and its failure is a big win for affordability in our state.

“The people expect us to budget wisely with their tax dollars and taking $6 billion out of the economy to grow government even more is simply tone deaf. Couple that with the fact that the legislation would also allow those exorbitant increases without a vote of the people, I’m glad that the majority party came to their senses.”

Read more about SB 5770 on the Washington State Senate website.