March 09, 2021

Attend our Joint Virtual Town Hall

In these physically-distant times, getting together to hold a town hall can be a challenge. So, my seatmates and I will be jointly holding a virtual one to provide an update on the 2021 legislative session and get your feedback. As I’ve noted before, the 10th District is just one...
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March 06, 2021

‘Call it what it is,’ says Muzzall – ‘An income tax’

If it walks, swims and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, not the goose that laid a golden egg   Despite strong revenues and billions in federal funds coming to Washington State, legislative Democrats pushed through a controversial state income tax bill, under the guise of calling it and...
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January 18, 2021

Can We Reopen Washington?

Greetings Friends, The 2021 legislative session began last week and it’s already moving at break-neck speed with significant policy proposals being heard in committee and voted on the Senate floor. I’m writing today with a bit of urgent news on how you can stay connected with the process and lend...
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January 11, 2021

Working for You in 2021

It’s the first day of the 2021 legislative session and what a wild journey it’s been since we spoke last! We have probably never looked forward to a new year as much as we have in 2021. With 2020 finally behind us, we can only hope a lot of what...
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December 10, 2020

Muzzall garners valuable committee assignments

Changes in committee assignments have been announced in advance of the 2021 legislative session. State Sen. Ron Muzzall, R-Oak Harbor, has been appointed to a new, influential committee and joins the ranks of leadership on another. Muzzall will continue to serve on the Senate Ways and Means Committee, which focuses...
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May 08, 2020

Final Update from Olympia for the Year

Greetings Friends and Neighbors, Because I’ll be on the ballot later this year, election-year restrictions make this the last e-newsletter you’ll receive from my legislative office until the November election is certified. Although the Legislature’s regular session ended almost two months ago, the COVID-19 situation is keeping me busy with...
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April 15, 2020

Muzzall pushes back on premature release of nearly 1000 inmates

State Sen. Ron Muzzall, R-Oak Harbor, is pushing back on a proposal to prematurely release nearly 1,000 inmates from state prisons due to the COVID-19 virus. Gov. Jay Inslee and state Department of Corrections officials devised the plan after the state Supreme Court ordered action to prevent outbreaks of the...
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March 30, 2020

Muzzall bill to save farm internship program signed by governor

In a televised, private ceremony due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Gov. Inslee signed legislation sponsored by state Sen. Ron Muzzall, R-Oak Harbor this past Friday. The new law revives a popular and effective farm internship program administered by the state Dept. of Labor and Industries that recently expired. “Restarting this...
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March 18, 2020

COVID-19 – Resources for our Community

Dear Friends, I’m back home in district now that the legislative session has concluded. I’ll be sure to send an update on our work in Olympia later, but I’d like to focus this newsletter on resources and assurances on what’s happening with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response in our state. This...
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