Working for strong investments in housing, infrastructure, and mental health

The day before the Legislature is scheduled to adjourn, the state’s updated construction budget was unanimously approved, providing over $3 million for projects around the 10th District. Sen. Ron Muzzall, R-Oak Harbor worked to collaboratively secure funding for critical community projects and other investments in affordable housing, infrastructure. and mental health capacity across Washington.

“The Capital Budget provides needed resources to our community that otherwise wouldn’t be available,” said Muzzall. “This budget is a lifeline for local governments and community organizations providing valuable services in our communities. It’s an area where the state can and should leverage its spending on long-term value for our schools, hospitals, public safety and more.”

Projects funded in the 10th District include:

  • $100,000 for design and permitting of pump station modernization in Mount Vernon;
  • $640,000 to the La Conner Library;
  • $200,000 in safety improvements for the Island County Jail.

Click here for a complete project list.